Facial surgery in Los Angeles during the 21st century


As it usually is with advance in any field, facial plastic surgery has seen a trend in the simplification of the procedures involved in the operative and post-operative facial plastic surgeries. Newer surgical tools and techniques tend to be less invasive which mainly originated with the invention of filling products, Botox techniques and MACS lifts that cuts back significantly on the healing time. There are about 7 million facial plastic surgery procedures performed annually with the industry growing at about 9% per year. Most of these rhinoplasty surgeries are performed in the Los Angeles area by Dr. Azizzadeh who has been a leading specialist and clinical researcher in this field for over 20 years.


The facial plastic surgery market is expected to hit $3 billion in the next 7 years, owing to increasing incidences of facial injuries, the introduction of 3D printed implants for facial reconstruction and demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures and an increasing demand for aesthetic facial surgeries especially by professionals, politicians and celebrities.

The rise in a visual oriented culture and marketing that highly regards physical looks has resulted in a spike in the number of people who are willing to go under the knife and attain that desired look. But the biggest demand for surgery has been for eyelid surgery owing to puffy eyelids and vision correction. The products segment of facial plastic surgery tends to be more dominated by chin implants. There is also the rise in injectable as they present a less invasive from of facial plastic surgery.

The largest market for facial reconstructive surgeries is North America which stands at about $1 billion most of which is attributable to increasing expenditure on aesthetic facial surgeries, growing pressure for facial rejuvenation surgery and the high quality of healthcare facilities in the region.The Asian market is quickly catching up owing to their lower costs of procuring facial plastic surgeries and requisite personnel, the increasing demand for basic plastic surgeries and the growth of medical tourism especially to India and Thailand.

Most modern day patients and clients who seek facial surgery tend to have a desire for specific look and set high expectation on what they need from their surgeon. Most of this can be blamed on the proliferation of facial surgery information on the Internet that has led to some unrealistic demands from patients on what they require.

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